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Every Home Should Have Vanilla Paste in Their Pantry!

By: :Ajay Gupta 0 comments
Every Home Should Have Vanilla Paste in Their Pantry!
Do you know vanilla paste can make ordinary dishes taste extraordinary? It has an intense flavor that can refresh your mood instantly. Making your own vanilla paste gives you an ultimate taste for any dish. And the best part is that it does not contain any unpleasant chemical ingredients found in artificial vanilla pastes. Also, you can store it for one to three years. 


Why is Having Vanilla Paste in the Kitchen So Important?

We all love vanilla-flavored food items, whether it is ice cream or any other pudding. Homemade vanilla paste has the best flavor and pure essence of natural vanilla, which can make any dessert or pastries special. 
Vanilla paste has a thick consistency, almost like toothpaste consistency. Since store-bought vanilla beans are expensive, it is better to make your own.  
Do you want to learn the easiest recipes for making vanilla paste? Let’s get started! 

Vanilla Conversion Ratio

First, you should learn the vanilla conversion ratio to make the paste. One vanilla bean can give you one tablespoon of vanilla bean paste. You can take one vanilla pod for three teaspoons of vanilla paste. Now, measure your ratio as per your requirement. 
Two types of methods can be used for making your vanilla paste recipe. 

Honey Method

You need ten (50g) whole vanilla beans and 250 grams of natural honey for this method and two tbsp of pure vanilla extract, or you can use vodka. 
  • Now, chop the beans into small pieces and add every ingredient into the blender to make a thick paste. You can use little water if it is too thick! 
  • Then, place it into a sterilized bottle and let it cool before closing the lid.

Sugar Method

In this method, you will need 10 (50g) whole vanilla beans and one cup of water. And half cup(100ml) granulated sugar and two tbsp corn syrup. Or you can use half-fresh lemon juice.
  • Now, roughly chop the beans into small pieces and add all the ingredients.
  • Place everything into a saucepan
  • Cook it on medium to low heat until it becomes a thick syrup
  • Don’t forget to stir it to prevent the syrup from sticking to the pan 
  • Now, remove from heat and let it cool for some minute
  • Add the syrup into a blender for making a thick consistency
  • Then, place into a clean jar 

Make sure you don’t toss used whole vanilla beans. If you want some mouth-watering vanilla bean recipes from us, consider reading our blogs.


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