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5 Surprising Usage of Vanilla Extract You Have Never Thought of

By: :Ajay Gupta 0 comments
5 Surprising Usage of Vanilla Extract You Have Never Thought of
Vanilla extract is the key ingredient in many recipes. It’s arguably one of the most popular sought-after flavours in baked goods. But aside from being a flavour enhancer, vanilla extract can be used in different ways. It can go beyond baking. And in most cases, you only need a few drops of it.

So, are you ready to explore the surprising usage of vanilla extract? Keep reading this blog.


A Few Smart Ways to Use Vanilla Extract

1. Barbecue and Grilling

From grill marinades to savoury sauces, you can use vanilla extract in everything. It doesn’t matter what type of meat you use. Vanilla extract will help seal in its moisture. That is why many chefs nowadays apply vanilla to chicken, lamb, and fish to showcase the natural sweetness of the meat. Visit Pinterest to see the finished product.


2. Cocktails

Vanilla extract can be a great ingredient in cocktail mixology. It will add a luscious and smooth flavour to the drink and help the flavours blend together. Vanilla extract pairs beautifully with whiskey or barrel-aged bourbon. It also works best in rum cocktails, especially those that contain chocolate, cherry, clove, cinnamon, etc. Visit Facebook to know more in this regard.


3. Tomato Sauce and Other Savoury Sauces

Many professional chefs use vanilla extract in savoury dishes to bring rich and subtle flavours without overpowering other ingredients. You can also add a splash of vanilla extract to tomato sauce at the end of cooking to eliminate the acidity of the tomatoes. Vanilla extract also works best to enhance the flavour of the sauce.


4. Caramelize Vegetables

Your roasted vegetables have already caramelized in the oven! Now, what to do to boost the caramel flavour? Vanilla, of course! It will intensify the sweetness of vegetables. And then, you can add alcohol to form another layer of caramelization. Find more secrets on Instagram.


5. Salad Dressing

A few drops of vanilla extract can soften the tanginess of vinegar-based salad dressings. It works remarkably in salads of fresh or dry fruits. For example, if you add some vanilla extract to the mango grilled chicken salad, you will feel like the food of a five-star restaurant. Visit different sites of vanilla recipes to know more about them.

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