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Let’s Make Affagato Roasted White Chocolate Ice Cream with Vanilla Beans!

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Let’s Make Affagato Roasted White Chocolate Ice Cream with Vanilla Beans!
Hey, vanilla lovers, we are here again to share with you some amazing tips to prepare delicious desserts with fresh-scraped vanilla beans!

While talking about Affogato, we hope you understand that it refers to a simple dessert and drowned. And to prepare Vanilla Bean Roasted White Chocolate Ice Cream with Affogato, we need two essential ingredients- vanilla ice cream and a pour of espresso to add toppings.

Sounds yummy, right? Let’s get into it, then!

Preparations for Roasted White Chocolate Affogato Ice Cream with Vanilla Beans

The combination of the flavors of vanilla ice cream and espresso is beyond irresistible, especially when the latter melts the former one a bit! In fact, our recipe will help you serve the vanilla ice cream with an upgrade beyond the traditional way, like with roasted white chocolate and two scraped vanilla beans.

Would you love to join? Let's get started!

Step #1: Collect the ingredients to prepare Vanilla Bean Roasted White Chocolate Ice Cream and Espresso

Here are all the ingredients you need for the dessert making, like:

  • Around 8 ounces white chocolate (nearly 30% cocoa butter)
  • 2 vanilla beans (halved depending on length)
  • 14 ounce condensed milk
  • Chilled heavy cream 2 cups
  • Pinch of fine sea salt and flaky sea salt
  • Espresso for serving until the ice cream is ready to prepare

Step #2: Prepare the roasted white chocolate

Roasted white chocolate is perfect for taking your dessert to the next level and adding a kick-off taste to your taste buds. All you need is to place the chocolate on the pan over the oven and stir it every ten minutes until the deep golden brown color turns out. Lastly, add a pinch of fine sea salt to mix and set aside!

The flavor comes out like the taste between butterscotch and salted caramel that you can enhance with vanilla ice cream. Make sure you use good-quality white chocolate to bring out the best flavor!


Step #3: Final preparation for Affagato Roasted White Chocolate Ice Cream

Once your roasted white chocolate is ready, follow the next steps, like this:
  • Pour the sweetened condensed milk and heavy cream into the bowl.
  • Scrap the vanilla bean seeds and whip the mixture until you get its stiff form.
  • Spill the half ice cream into the large pan and drizzle with two tablespoons of white chocolate. Then, repeat it with the rest ice cream!
  • Swirl the chocolate through with a thin knife and top it with flaky sea salt. And let it freeze until it turns solidified!
Finally, when your Affagato Roasted White Chocolate Ice Cream is ready to serve, take two or three scoops in the bowl and top it with hot espresso.
So, how is it? Let us know! And keep on reading our other blogs for more recipes!



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