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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried our best to sum up all the relevant questions that can easily help our customers. If we have missed out on your particular question, feel free to chat with us or drop an e-mail. We are looking forward to your queries, suggestions, and concerns.

All that you can find here:

• About Vanilla, Vanilla beans, orchid, storage, etc.
• Vanilla extract, measurement of vanilla beans, recipes.
• Other vanilla products listed by us
• Shipping policy, return, and tracking information.

Questions about Vanilla beans

The place of origin of rich and aromatic Vanilla Beans is Mexico. It was first discovered and cultivated for years. Later, it became a commonly grown spice of Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Uganda, Tahiti, Indonesia, etc. As per the change in the region, the process of cultivation varies. This results in the quality of Vanilla Beans.

Highest standard Vanilla beans of Madagascar
The premium quality vanilla beans are grown in Madagascar, and it tops the chart in terms of the flavour. It is cultivated in Madagascar and is a source of income for many farmers. The significant characteristics of the variety of Vanilla Beans grown here are creamy, perfectly moist, full of flavor, and sweet. An ideal choice for pastry chefs and dessert shop owners.
Tahiti Vanilla Beans
The climatic conditions of Tahiti are favorable for growing vanilla beans. Tahiti beans are crossbreeding of Aromatic and fragrant (These are two different types of Vanilla Beans). If you have got a chance to taste them, you can feel the difference. It is something like almond, floral, and cherry.

Vanilla is a fruit. Isn't it amazing? Beans of Vanilla are rich in flavor, and you must be amazed that it is a fruit that is grown on an orchid. Fruit-bearing capability is rare and not in every orchid. Rather every one orchid out of four bears fruit. The magical fruit grows in warm climatic conditions.

Vanilla belongs to an orchid family, which has one hundred and ten species. Vanilla has originated from Mexico and is used as a commercial flavoring substance to create various products like Vanilla extract, Vanilla powder, vanilla sugar. The plant begins its life from a green bean. The rich and young seed can germinate into a sapling. It is planted and cultivates in tropical regions around the world. The plant grows well in a dry-hot climate. The requirement of rainfall should be sufficient enough to offer favorable soil conditions. Like other orchids, Vanilla Planifolia depends on another plant for growth and overgrows around a mature tree. But, it is not like a breeder. It doesn't take away any nutrient like a parasite from the trees. It has a good life and will be grown fully within three years. It is the stage when it is capable of bearing Vanilla pods. Fully mature Vanilla pods are raised within 9-10 months.

Vanillin is a natural ingredient found in vanilla beans which is a single component. It can be produced artificially as is created used Petro-Chemical. It is a molecular formula in terms of chemistry used to develop the artificial Vanilla extract. It is a human-made chemical made to recreate Vanilla flavor the simulates only 1 component. Natural Vanilla is comprising of as many as 300 components. It is a harsh reality but synthetically produces vanillin is more used as compare to the natural one. We encourage people to shift from artificial ones to natural ones. It has many health benefits and is best for consumption.

It can be grown once a year in all the countries apart from Uganda. Uganda experience two harvest seasons.

Similar to fruits, vegetables, and other raw food products, Vanilla beans differ in taste as per the place of origin. The familiar flavors found in Vanilla beans are sweet, floral, fruity, chocolate-like, almond-like, etc. But, all of them are not found in one type of Vanilla Beans. The technique of growing and cultivating places a significant role in the flavor and taste of Vanilla Beans. The more authentic they are, the more flavorful they will be in like. Traditionally grown Vanilla beans are the best in taste irrespective of the place of origin.

We have a team dedicated to the selection of the finest and highest standard quality Vanilla beans. We are procuring beans from farmers in Madagascar and offering them to our customers. We critically adopt the quality check process. We curb the commission of brokers/intermediaries and offer Vanilla beans at a fair price. We pay farmers a reasonable price and let them decide the worth of their produce.

Absolutely yes, Vanilla beans are 100% gluten-free. Every naturally grown Vanilla bean is having no artificial substance and hence is entirely gluten-free. All the natural processes are included in conducting the cultivation of naturally grown Vanilla beans. There is not process which is involving genetic modification. We ensure the products listed with us are all naturally grown, including Vanilla beans, Vanilla extract, Pure grounded Vanilla beans powder. We do not practice genetic modification or procure from farmers who use such processes. Please note vanilla beans and other products are nut-free, halal, and kosher.

The reason behind the high price tag is the vendors or wholesalers do not create Vanilla beans. The margin is charged by the brokers or intermediaries to procure them at a very low cost from farmers and charging very high from the end consumers.

We are a Brand selling excellent quality Grade A & Grade B Vanilla Beans by skipping all the middlemen/brokers. We are rooted in Madagascar and directly deal with farmers. We procure our Vanilla Beans and sell only premium quality ones. Vanilla beans are grown with the help of expert farming techniques that are traditional and passed on from one generation to another.

We do not charge a hefty amount for the highest quality Vanilla beans and pay fair charges to the farmers. We believe in sustainable living, and you can find the details on Sustainability Page.

Broadly Vanilla is of two types; Vanilla Planifolia and Tahitian Vanilla.

• Vanilla Planifolia is a type of Vanilla orchid which is one of its kind. It has a high quantity of Vanillin. Back in the 18th century, it got its common name as vanilla. Later was recognized and acknowledged as a flavoring agent. Vanilla Planifolia was first grown in Mexico. Worldwide, people associate bourbon with Madagascar, and it is the one type named after the bourbon island which is now Madagascar, and it is now known as Reunion Madagascar.

• Tahitian Vanilla is a crossbreed of Vanilla Planifolia and Vanilla odorata. It is having a unique flavour and is used for its fresh-fruity taste. It is grown in Papua New Guinea and is has a different aroma as compare to bourbon vanilla.

The answer is simple if you are looking for a deeper Vanilla flavor, go for Grade A and if you like just a moderate one, then go for Grade B. both the grades work well and are of high standards.

We will help you buy the perfect choice for you. Follow the steps:

• Check your requirement: The purpose for your purchase should be clear. You need to understand the difference between the products offered and which one suits your requirement. We have shared the product description for all our listed products. Check them out and ensure to read everything about them, including specifications. Madagascar Vanilla beans are rich and aromatic and flavour, and we majorly offer them in two grades. GRADE A is best suitable for professional requirements like bakeries, restaurants, home bakers etc. Grade B Vanilla beans are best for making Vanilla powder, and it is ideal for making homemade Vanilla extract.

• Finalize the quantity: When you have finalized the type of Vanilla, as per your usage. Jump to the amount. Ideally, it depends upon your use. For home, you require few ounces, and for commercial purposes, bulk quantity. You can read the details about our bulk quantity on our bulk page.

• Add it to the cart: Add the selected quantity in your cart and re-check the product type and its amount.

• Complete the payment: Lastly, complete your payment and keep tracking the order.

Vanilla beans are sold as per weight and as per quantity. If you need 15 beans, you can order that from us; Orchid Vanilla Pods accepts orders in Kilogram, Pound, ounces and number of beans. For bulk orders, Vanilla beans are suitable in Kg & Lbs. In an ounce, you can roughly get seven to ten Vanilla beans. Did you check our Vanilla beans extract calculator? Vanilla beans extract calculator? It can help you to decide the weight of beans for making Vanilla beans extract. Do not worry about the recipe; check our blog, and you will be amazed by them.

Vanilla beans should always be stored in an air-tight container. You can refer to our how to store vanilla beans blog to get more details about the process to open the container and use Vanilla for a more extended period.

If stored as per our guidance, it will be fresh to use for more than a year to three.

The best way is to store it properly and use it efficiently. If you do not store them in air-tight containers, there is a strong chance of developing molds in your Vanilla Beans. Please refer to our how to store vanilla beans blog to get more details.

Almost every recipe that has Vanilla as an ingredient uses one teaspoon of Vanilla extracts can be replaced by one fresh Vanilla bean.

It is noted in some cases, especially when baking a cake, cookies, or preparing a dessert. Vanilla powder or Vanilla extract works perfectly in comparison to Vanilla beans. We have listed them as our products for you to get them within a single click. Check our other products as well on the product page.

Questions about Vanilla Extract

Vanilla extract is a solution containing 35% alcohol, water, Vanilla beans, and other ingredients. The ratio of vanilla beans and Alcohol can be checked from our vanilla beans extract page. We have discussed all the formulas briefly. Highlighting our formula to create vanilla beans extract.

A simple formula is used to make Vanilla extract. You can quickly get the details in our how to make Vanilla extract blog. We have a unique Vanilla extract calculator? for making the process much easier for you.

It is possible to replace Alcohol with glycerine for the exact recipe. Please check out how to make non-alcoholic vanilla extract at home blog.

A vanilla extract made from naturally grown Vanilla beans is gluten-free.

The perfect choice to make Vanilla beans extract is by using Gourmet Vanilla Beans. It has a strong flavor compared to other available Vanilla beans, resulting in a perfect drop of authentic Vanilla bean extract. You can easily measure your extract ingredients using our Vanilla extract calculator. It is easy to use and will work perfectly.

Suppose you are confused and cannot decide which Vanilla beans are for you and should be chosen for the rich- aromatic Vanilla Beans extract. We are sharing a piece of relevant information about different Vanilla beans and their extract:

• Bourbon Vanilla- Premium quality Bourbon Vanilla beans from Madagascar are ideal for making very rich Vanilla extract. You can easily prepare a single fold or double fold. As per your wish, the ideal formula for the extract can be seen on our Vanilla Beans Extract page. You can easily find the Vanilla extract calculator for the perfect measurement of various ingredients of the formula.

• Uganda Vanilla & Tahitian Vanilla- The second rank would be given to Uganda Vanilla and Tahitian Vanilla as both are having a sweet, raisin, and earthy feel in their beans. The first choice has to be bourbon Vanilla irrespective of the Grade. You can easily use Grade A or grade B, whichever fits into your taste.

Usually, if you want to make a moderate quantity of Vanilla bean extract, you will require 7-10 Vanilla beans for 1 cup of Alcohol. For exact calculation, check the Vanilla extract calculator.

The topic is quite debatable; Mexican vanilla extracts if are made from original Vanilla beans. It is full of flavor and will give you the right kick. In case they are not made from natural vanilla beans and synthetically produced. It is very harmful and has additional sweeteners, which FDA does not recommend.

It is good to reuse the Vanilla beans for another batch of Vanilla extract. Follow the same procedure and add 2-3 extra beans to get the same flavor and aroma.

Due to weather changes, it is often noticed. Vanilla beans get crystals on them. But what about Vanilla extract? The clouds are an indicator of mold build-up. You can get rid of that layer. And use the extract beneath that if in the coming weeks you notice the same build-up of clouds. Better get rid of it and order a new vanilla extract bottle from us.

Questions About Bulk Orders, Shipping, Payments & Returns

The minor orders (Up to 25Kg of Vanilla Beans) are dispatched from Canada (as we have enough quantity at our office to meet small demands). The bulk orders (Above 25 Kg of Vanilla beans) are directly dispatched from Madagascar (directly from our organic farms).

We are wholesalers and offer wholesale prices to our customers irrespective of the number of orders.

We do not compromise on quality, and our beans are of average size. There is no difference in the size of beans, irrespective of the quantity ordered.

We offer a safe and secure medium for the completion of payment at your end. We have tried our best to include all the payment gateways, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Interac, PayPal and Email Transfer. We encourage you to use email transfer for saving the extra cost charged by various payment portals. We highly recommend it. For any further assistance, feel free to interact with us through our live chat facility. We are here to solve your query and concerns.

Yes, it is attached to your package. A copy is kept inside your package.

Generally, it is delivered within 3-5 working days. But we advise you to wait for a more extended period. The delivery doesn't get delayed for not more than three weeks for local orders and not more than six weeks for international orders.

It is sad if a shipment gets lost during transit. We are not responsible for the shipment as soon as it leaves our premises. We do not cover unavoidable disasters or calamities. Hence, we do not offer any shipping guarantee.

We will inform you about the unavoidable delay. Please be patient with us. The delivery doesn't get delayed for not more than three weeks for local orders and not more than six weeks for international orders.

We believe 30 days are enough for checking the quality and getting customers satisfied with their purchase. After this period, the products are non-returnable. If you are willing to return the product, please communicate your wish within 30 days from the date of purchase.


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