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Vanilla Extract Calculator

Curious? How many vanilla beans you might need for this vanilla extract?

Take a look at our easy-to-use vanilla Extract calculator, and you'll be able to decide just what proportion vanilla or alcohol is required to be supported the number of vanillas extract you would like to create or the amount of vanilla beans you have available. Allow us to walk you through the method below. Our goal is to ensure that your vanilla extract is as flavorful as it really should be by providing you with high quality vanilla pods and a guide to walk you through the process.


The process of soaking vanilla beans in seventy to hundred proof alcohol for more than one quarter up to a year will result in vanilla extract. The number of beans to use is as per the formula.

If you're hoping to make your own extract, here are some valuable guidelines for the quantities to use.


The FDA Formula: Official formula by authorities of US. Government for commercial production of vanilla extract encourages usage of Grade B beans. To make it a legal vanilla extract, the company is advised to use one gram of vanilla beans for every 10ml of alcohol. A product sold as 'pure' vanilla extract must contain at least 35% alcohol and 100g of Grade B vanilla beans per liter. We consider this an excellent place to start.

The Orchid-Vanilla Formula: The Co-Op Formula is intended to simplify the calculation for home cooks and Co-op members. It specifies 1oz. of vanilla beans per 1 cup of alcohol, producing a 20% stronger than the FDA requirements. This formula allows for the Co-op's Grade A beans' increased weight and creates a richer extract in a shorter time.

The Budget Formula You can use the Budget Formula to maximize the extract you can produce from your Grade A vanilla beans. It uses Grade A beans and has 5% more beans as compare to FDA Formula. The increase in the percentage of beans is due to the property of Grade A vanilla beans.


The word 'fold' describes the concentration of vanilla extract.

Single Fold: It is the standard strength usually used for baking purposes. It is available commercially. One teaspoon of vanilla extract means single fold

Double and Triple Fold: The double and triple Vanilla Fold means the strength of the extract is high. The more the folds, higher the strength. With few drops you can enjoy the rich and higher intensity of the Vanilla flavor. It is favourable for people who are a Vanilla enthusiast and enjoy most potent flavor.


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