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Orchid Vanilla Pod is the leading brand of Vanilla Beans in Madagascar. We are one big family including farmers, experts, managers and other employees. The work mode starts with the plantation of seeds by farmers and ends with packaging the harvested Vanilla seeds. Experts monitor the eight-month-long period of cultivation, and we follow the traditional way. Organic Vanilla Beans are grown with the highest quality green beans. Our team monitors every stage, and we ensure everything is in proper order. To be able to meet scalable demands, we have planned well. We have an enormous amount of High-Quality Vanilla Beans ready for dispatch at any given point in time.

The past 25 years just went like that, and I feel blessed to offer the organic Malagasy Vanilla Beans to people worldwide. It’s a fantastic spice, and we are grateful for being closely connected to it for the rest of our lives. 


We are on a mission to offer the most acceptable range of excellent quality Vanilla Beans to everyone. The industry belongs to organic farm yield, and we are the leader of this industry. Shop Now


We believe in the power of sustainable living and the
importance of organic farm produce. We aim to offer high-quality Vanilla Beans at fair prices to our customers. Read more about Sustainability.

What makes us the Number One Vanilla provider?

The good work by our team and the hard work of farmers have helped us shape our brand in a better manner. The various characteristics that have contributed to making us a high reupdated brand are:

• Highest Quality Standard of Vanilla Beans: We ensure, every package dispatched is filled with aromatic Vanilla beans. The rich flavour with the freshness of newly cultivated beans reaches the stage of dispatch. We have a strict selection process after harvesting the Vanilla. The best one is selected which meet our marketing standards.

• Ample Quantity to Meet Bulk Orders: We have learned a lot and now have a great budgetary system over the years. We are never running out of stock and are capable of offering small and bulk orders worldwide.

• Continuous Improvement in Business Tactics: We are not a rigid brand; flexibility has helped us reach this milestone. We are the number one organically farmed Vanilla Beans provider, offering 100% natural Vanilla Beans.

• Adapting Dynamic Policies to be Globalized: Our team consist of experts from a different field, helping our brand to serve worldwide. We can meet international standards and guidelines with the help of experts. We have successfully delivered Vanilla Beans to countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, Dubai, India, Korea & some European countries.

• Sticking to Traditional Method of Growing Organic Vanilla: The most important part of our business is to keep a good vigilance in the cultivation process. We have taken the necessary steps to monitor the same and ensure the highest standard crop yield is grown.

• Adapting Recommendation by Valuable Customers: The feedback/recommendation is read and noted for offering customized offerings. We are always listening and searching for ways to deliver high quality.


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