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Ugandan Gourmet Ground Vanilla Bean Powder
First Grade



Buy our finest quality for your recipes

Orchid-Vanilla Pod’s organically farmed and sustainably sourced pure Ugandan Gourmet vanilla beans powder is delicious. A premium ground vanilla powder is made from the finest and pure Ugandan fully-grown vanilla pods. The powders are naturally gluten-free, and sugar-free and contain no additional additives. Speaking of Ugandan vanilla bean powder, it takes time, love and patience to produce. 

Choose our high-quality pure ground vanilla bean powder that smells incredible and makes it a perfect background flavour for baked goods, and ice cream and a great alternative to vanilla extract. You can slightly bloom or cook your vanilla powder in any recipe for the best results. It truly brings out its flavours and heightens the taste of any recipe you cook. Kick-start your day with your regular morning coffee by adding a teaspoon of vanilla powder and Ceylon cinnamon. 

From us, you can buy Ugandan vanilla bean powder in bulk. The darker appearance, rich in aroma, bourbon-type vanilla that is sure to please. These vanilla beans produce a premium choice of vanilla making it a greater alternative to Madagascar vanilla bean powder


At Spiceland Wholesale, we aim to provide top-rated vanilla beans and products to our customers. Our vanilla bean powder sustains a rich, sweet flavour and aroma. But, not every vanilla bean powder is created equal. It depends on the grading system of vanilla beans, variety, quality, and appearance. However, there are three main grades:

  • First grade is made from well-dried, Ugandan gourmet grade A vanilla beans, complete with beans and caviar, which are then ground into powder. The vanillin level is high in this grade, lending it the biggest boost of flavour and aroma you can possibly get.

  • Next is second-grade vanilla powder. This is made from grade B vanilla beans, after going through the extraction process. It has a lower vanillin level than premium vanilla beans, so the aroma is less powerful.

  • Then comes third grade. This powder is made from grade C cut vanilla beans, which are drier and don't have much flavour left.

Also you can buy vanilla bean pods such as Madagascar Vanilla beans, Ugandan Vanilla beans, Tahitian Vanilla beans, and more.  


Our vanilla pods go through an elaborate process of being killed, sweated, dried, hand-rubbed, and conditioned to maximise the flavour and fragrance. Then, the ripe and fermented fruit pods are finely milled into a powder. Vanilla bean powder is used in food, tea, and cosmetics, and is abundantly found as a liquid flavouring extract in a base of alcohol. 

Vanilla bean powders are greater alternatives to processed sugar. You can cure diabetes or other health issues with our vanilla powder and bid goodbye to starch and carbohydrates. 

These are the reasons why our organic vanilla bean powder with its rich flavour and nectarous taste, stands apart from other varieties:

  • First-grade vanilla powder is made from Ugandan Gourmet vanilla beans ground to an extra fine degree – 300 microns.

  • The pure, first-grade vanilla powder contains no added sugar or any preservatives.

  • This product is perfect for any baker. The Ugandan Gourmet vanilla beans powder can be substituted for vanilla beans, extract or paste in your favourite recipes, which makes it a great choice for bakers.

  • As with all our ingredients, our first-grade Ugandan vanilla powder is all-natural, gluten-free, Halal, kosher, non-GMO, vegan-friendly and free from artificial flavours.


  • Quality: First grade.


  • Shelf life: Approximately two years.

  • Handling & Storage: Keep tightly closed in cool dark places after opening.

If you want to add vanilla bean powder to your recipe, simply substitute one teaspoon of vanilla powder for one teaspoon of vanilla extract. The exact should be 1:1. However, you can use it according to your flavour preferences and baking needs.

Pure vanilla powder made from vanilla beans can be sprinkled on baked goods like doughnuts, chocolate chip cookies, or toast for a sweet, fragrant flavour. Also, use it to infuse your homemade pancake or waffle mixes. You can follow our blog - How To Use Vanilla Bean Powder In Your Recipes? Expert’s Guide! - to learn other recipes as well. 

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